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Benefits and Rewards


Offering competitive benefits and rewards program to our employees are impactful ways to uphold our ISSI values.


Health Benefits
ISSI provides comprehensive health benefit insurance plans for eligible employees and their dependents, as well as domestic partners. Employees who meet the eligibility criteria enjoy coverage from their first day of employment.

Dental Benefits
To ensure that dental needs for both employees and their dependents are met, ISSI offers a comprehensive and flexible dental plan. Preventive care is paid for at 100%. ISSI also provides orthodontic benefits for adults and dependent children.

Vision Benefits
Vision benefits are offered through one of the leading providers of vision care programs. The plan is designed to provide you with periodic exams, glasses and contact lenses. There is also a discount program available for alternative services such as laser correction surgery.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Sometimes life can become complicated, affecting your work, health, family and emotions. To help employees through challenging times, ISSI offers an employee assistance program to all employees and their dependents. Assistance is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Health & Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
Through the FSA, employees can set aside money on a pre-tax basis to help pay for these items, allowing you to reduce your taxable income.

Income Protection

Income protection benefits are designed to provide for you and your family when you are unable to work, and to help you get the most from your paycheck.

Short-Term Disability
When illness or injury may prevent you from being able to work, ISSI provides supplemental short-term disability coverage at no cost to employees, in conjunction with any state benefits that may be available.

Long-Term Disability
If your illness or injury becomes long-term, ISSI provides an income protection program to help replace a portion of lost compensation. This program is provided to employees at no cost.

Life Insurance
ISSI provides life insurance to all eligible employees to support the financial well being of their survivors. ISSI provides life insurance at two times the employee's annual salary up to a plan maximum, at no cost to eligible employees.

Accidental Death/Dismemberment (AD&D)
AD&D insurance pays a benefit if an employee loses their life, limbs and/or vision due to an accident. It covers the employee both on and off the job, 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world. ISSI provides AD&D coverage at two times the annual salary up to a plan maximum, at no cost to eligible employees.

Business Travelers Insurance
Any employee, traveling on company business, is insured for additional life insurance under the Travel Accident Policy and for emergency medical treatment. Both are at no contribution cost to the employee.

Planning for the Future

ISSI offers plans to help you with your financial and retirement goals as well as to enable employee company stock ownership.

401(k) Savings Plan
The ISSI 401(k) plan enables employees to defer a % of their annual compensation on a pretax basis, up to the annual statutory maximum. ISSI also offers discretionary matching.

ISSI Work/Life Programs

Tuition Reimbursement
ISSI offers educational assistance so employees can increase their knowledge and skills, and prepare for potential opportunities for professional growth and development within the company.

Holidays and PTO (Paid Time Off)
When it comes to needing time off, each of us has different needs that are a reflection of individual lifestyles and situations. With ISSI's PTO program, you'll have the flexibility to time off for vacation, personal days and sick days to use as you choose. PTO accrual increases the longer you are with the company. In addition to PTOs, ISSI employees get paid holidays per year as published every year.

Wellness Program
ISSI wants you to be your best, and that starts with feeling your best. We believe your well-being goes beyond a clean bill of health – it also includes job satisfaction, stress management, and being part of a strong community. We have a Wellness Program employees can participate in to promote total well-being.


As a global company, we tailor the benefits for local needs and practices. Social Insurance programs such as health and welfare insurance, labor insurance, and pension/retirement fund are available to employees and regulated by the country's labor standards.
In addition, when an employee continues to work for the Company for a certain period of time, he/she shall be granted annual paid leaves on an annual basis in compliance with the country's labor standards.


Travel Assistance
Some examples of the types of things this valuable program can help you and your family with: assistance with lost documents or a personal cash advance if your wallet is lost or stolen, help with coordinating medical treatment for you or a family member, including making referrals, if necessary, and travel security updates for any country. This is at no cost to the employee.

Service Awards
Awarded to employees based on their year of service as appreciation for their loyalty and dedication.

Discount Coupons/Tickets
Discount coupons for many local and national amusement parks are available to ISSI employees. ISSI also partners with local businesses to offer discounts on services and merchandise.

Team building and Company Events
ISSI provides teambuilding activities and company events to employees. A company sponsored time to be acquainted with colleagues, for collaboration and fun.