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  • ISSI Introduces AEC-Q100 Qualified SLC NAND Flash for Automotive & Industrial Markets

    Sampling production units of automotive grade Serial (SPI) and parallel SLC NAND Flash
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  • Programmable Color Sequence RGB LED Driver for IoT applications

    Self-running with RGB patterns saves power with no processor interaction
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  • ISSI Supports the 4Mbit ADMUX SRAM

    256Kx16 High Speed ECC Asynchronous CMOS STATIC RAM with MUXED Address & Data
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  • ISSI launches the Next Generation family of Matrix FxLED Driver ICs

    Matrix family IS31FL3733, IS31FL3736 & IS31FL3737 support individual LED lighting effect functions for creating a configurable array of color animation visuals with individual LED fault reporting
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  • Automotive Grade 1Gb, 2Gb, & 4Gb SLC NAND

    1Gb, 2Gb, & 4Gb SLC NAND in Production Now! AEC-Q100 Grade SLC NAND Flash with 105C support for the embedded market.
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