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IS32LT3181Automotive Grade 1Gb, 2Gb, & 4Gb SLC NAND

1Gb, 2Gb, & 4Gb SLC NAND in Production Now! AEC-Q100 Grade SLC NAND Flash with 105C support for the embedded market.

IS32LT3181ISSI Supports the 4Mbit ADMUX SRAM

256Kx16 High Speed ECC Asynchronous CMOS STATIC RAM with MUXED Address & Data

IS32LT31811Gb DDR3 DRAM with ECC

Prevents bit errors and operates up to 125°C

IS32LT3181Now Offering Serial SRAM

Provides the advantage of memory enablement to many more applications

IS32LT3181ISSI Multichannel LED Driver for Automotive Stop/Tail lights

Six Channel Linear LED Driver with adjustable brightness levels for RCL, CHMSL applications

SRAMISSI Introduces LED Driver with Integrated Push Button Input and Fade-In/Fade-Out for Automotive Interior Lighting

Single & Dual Channel LED Drivers with 200mA/Channel drive in a compact SOP-8EP package

SRAMISSI Debuts AEC-Q100 Certified LED Driver for Automotive Lighting

Enables sophisticated tail light control with simple programming for LED brightness levels

SRAMISSI Offers 256Mb, 512Mb, 1Gb, 2Gb LPDDR2 DRAM

Long-term support for commercial, industrial and automotive temperature ranges

SRAMISSI Released New 32Mb High Speed Asynchronous SRAM

This innovative design reinforces ISSI's long-term commitment to SRAMs with the highest quality and performance

AnalogMCP Combines 512Mb LPDDR2 DRAM and 1.8V 128Mb QSPI Flash

Long-term support for board space-constrained industrial and automotive applications


Showcasing high-performance ultra-low latency search solution

AnalogISSI Announces Two New RGB LED Drivers

ISSI's New FxLED RGB LED Drivers Bring Color to Digital Consumer & Internet of Things Devices

new-ddr2-sdram-products2Broad DDR2 SDRAM Product Line

ISSI has a broad product offering of DDR2 DRAMs including x8, x16, and x32 data I/O. These products fit into a variety of application designs supporting a quick time to market.

Class D Audio ThumbnailISSI Expands Audio Portfolio with I2S Class-D Audio Amplifiers

Supports 20W Stereo or 40W Mono with 20 Band Equalizer and Dynamic Range Control

none ISSI Expands FxLED Family with Audio Modulated LED Driver to drive 144 LEDs

IS31FL3732 supports special effect LED functions for automotive, gaming, white goods andIoT platforms

none ISSI Ramps Production of Automotive Grade Flash Products

Expanded Product Line Targets ADAS Applications and Growing Automotive Marketfor Serial Flash Products

none ISSI to License Spansion HyperFlash™ Memory and HyperBus™ Interface

New Innovative Solutions to be Delivered to Automotive and Industrial Customers

none ISSI Debuts 20W Per Channel Stereo Class-D Amplifier

Reduces design complexity and improves audio performance with fewer components and more protection features, enhancing long term reliability

none ISSI Announces Sampling of 8Gb DDR3 and DDR3L SDRAM

Targeted for Communications Applications

none ISSI Introduces Industry’s Highest-Performance, Wide Voltage, Quad-Interface Dual Transfer Rate (DTR) Serial NOR Flash Memory

Targeted for Automotive, Industrial, Medical, Communications, Networking, Smart Meters, FPGA, Digital Still Cameras, Printers, Bluetooth and IOT. View our flyer

none ISSI Adds 1Gb Low Power DDR2 DRAM to the Mobile DRAM Product Family

Targeted for Automotive and Industrial Applications

automotive-led-thumb.jpgISSI Enters the Automotive LED Lighting Market

360mA Dual Channel and 180mA Quad Channel LED Drivers

images/EDO-DRAM_thumb ISSI pFlash®- Over 4 Billion Units Shipped!

256Kb, 512Kb, 1Mb, 2Mb, and 4Mb parts in production

images/EDO-DRAM_thumb FxLED Driver ICs

Family of Matrix, Multichannel and RGB LED drivers add eye-catching color functionality

analog-amp-thumb Audio Amplifier ICs

ISSI offers a broad selection of Class AB, Class D and Class G Audio Amplifiers

long_term_support 3.3V SDR SDRAM

A Complete Offering from 16Mbit to 512Mbit

32Mb-64Mb-Pseudo-SRAM-thumb Pseudo SRAM - 32Mb and 64Mb

ISSI is now ramping up production of the 32Mb and 64Mb PSRAMs

42VM32100C_90BGA-8x13-web 32Mb Ultra Low Power Mobile SDRAMs

Ideal for Power Sensitive Applications