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Asynchronous SRAM

  • Broad Solution:
    - x8, x16, and x32 configurations available
    - 5V/3.3V/1.8V VDD Power Supply
    - Commercial, Industrial, and Automotive Temperature (-40 °C to 125 °C) support
    - BGA, SOJ, SOP, sTSOP, TSOP packages available
  • ECC feature available for High Speed Asynchronous SRAMs
  • Long-term support

5V High-Speed Asynchronous SRAM

Den Org Part Number Vcc Speed(ns) Pkg(Pins) Status Models Comment
64K 8Kx8 IS61C64AL 5V 10 SOJ(28),TSOP1(28) Prod  
256K 32Kx8 IS61C256AL 5V 10,12 SOJ(28),TSOP1(28) Prod  
512K 32Kx16 IS61C3216AL 5V 12 SOJ(44),TSOP2(44) Prod  
1M 64Kx16 IS61C6416AL 5V 12 SOJ(44),TSOP2(44) Prod  
  128Kx8 IS61C1024AL 5V 12 SOJ(32.3),SOJ(32.4),TSOP1(32),sTSOP(32) Prod  
4M 512Kx8 IS61C5128AL 5V 10,12 SOJ(36),TSOP2(44) Prod  
  512Kx8 IS61C5128AS 5V 25 SOP(36),sTSOP1(32),TSOP2(32) Prod  
  256Kx16 IS61C25616AL 5V 10 SOJ(44),TSOP2(44) Prod  
  256Kx16 IS61C25616AS 5V 25 SOJ(44),TSOP2(44) Prod  

High Speed Low Power Asynchronous SRAM

Den Org Part Number Vcc Speed(ns) Pkg(Pins) Status Models Comment/ Previous rev.
256K 32Kx8 IS61LV256AL 3.3V 10 SOJ(28),TSOP1(28) Prod  
512K 32Kx16 IS61WV3216DBLL 2.4-3.6V 8,10,12 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod
1M 64Kx16 IS61WV6416DBLL 2.4-3.6V 8,10,12 TSOP2(44),SOJ(44),BGA(48) Prod
  64Kx16 IS61WV6416EEBLL 2.4-3.6V 8,10 TSOP2(44),SOJ(44),BGA(48) Prod ECC Based SRAM
  128Kx8 IS63WV1288DALL/DBLL 1.65-3.6V 8,10,12,20 TSOP2(32),BGA(48),sTSOP1(32),SOJ(32.3) Prod
  128Kx8 IS61WV1288EEBLL 2.4-3.6V 8,10 TSOP2(32),BGA(48),sTSOP1(32),SOJ(32.3) Prod ECC Based SRAM
2M 128Kx16 IS61WV12816DALL/DBLL 1.65-3.6V 8,10,12,20 TSOP2(32),BGA(48) Prod
  128Kx16 IS61WV12816EDBLL 2.4-3.6V 8,10 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod ECC Based SRAM
  256Kx8 IS61WV2568EDBLL 2.4-3.6V 8,10 SOJ(36),TSOP2(44),BGA(36) Prod ECC Based SRAM
3M 128Kx24 IS61LV12824 3.3V 8,10 BGA(119),QFP(100) Prod
4M 256Kx16 IS61WV25616ALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 8,10,20 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod
  256Kx16 IS61WV25616EDALL 1.65-2.2V 20 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod
  256Kx16 IS61WV25616EDBLL 2.4-3.6V 8,10 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod
  256Kx16 IS61WV25616LEBLL 2.4-3.6V 12,15 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) S=NOW
  256Kx16 IS61WV25616MEBLL 2.4-3.6V 10,12 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) S=NOW
  512Kx8 IS61WV5128ALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 8,10,20 SOJ(36),TSOP2(44),BGA(36) Prod
  512Kx8 IS61WV5128EDBLL 2.4-3.6V 8,10 TSOP2(44),BGA(36) Prod
8M 512Kx16 IS61WV51216ALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 8,10,20 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod
  512Kx16 IS61WV51216EDALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 8,10,20 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod
  512Kx16 IS61WV51216EEALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 8,10,20 TSOP1(48),TSOP2(44),TSOP2(54),BGA(48) S=NOW
  1Mx8 IS61WV10248ALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 8,10,20 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod
  1Mx8 IS61WV10248EDBLL 2.4-3.6V 8,10,20 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod
  1Mx8 IS61WV10248EEALL/EEBLL 1.65-3.6V 8,10,20 TSOP2(44),TSOP2(54),BGA(48) S=NOW
  256Kx32 IS61WV25632ALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 8,10,20 BGA(90) Prod
16M 1Mx16 IS61WV102416ALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 8,10,20 TSOP1(48),BGA(48) Prod
  1Mx16 IS62WV102416ALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 25,35 TSOP1(48),BGA(48) Prod
  1Mx16 IS61WV102416DALL/BLL 2.4~3.6 10 TSOP1(48),BGA(48) Prod
  1Mx16 IS61WV102416EDALL/BLL 1.65~3.6 10 TSOP1(48),BGA(48) Prod
  1Mx16 IS61WV102416FALL/BLL 1.65~3.6 8,10,20 TSOP1(48),TSOP2(54),BGA(48) S=NOW
  2Mx8 IS61WV20488ALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 8,10,20 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod
  2Mx8 IS62WV20488ALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 25,35 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod
  2Mx8 IS61WV20488FALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 8,10,20 TSOP2(44),TSOP2(54),BGA(48) S=NOW
  512Kx32 IS61WV51232ALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 8,10,20 BGA(90) Prod
32M 2Mx16 IS61WV204816ALL/BLL 1.65~3.6V 10,12 TSOP1(48),BGA(48) Prod  

PowerSaver™ Lower Power Asynchronous SRAM

Den Org Part Number Vcc Speed(ns) Pkg(Pins) Status Models Comment/ Previous rev.
256K 32Kx8 IS62LV256AL 3.3V 20,45 SOJ(28),SOP(28),TSOP1(28) Prod  
1M 64Kx16 IS62WV6416DALL/DBLL 1.65-3.6V 35,45,55 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod
  128Kx8 IS62WV1288DALL/DBLL 1.65-3.6V 35,45,55 SOP(32),sTSOP1(32),TSOP1(32),BGA(36) Prod
2M 128Kx16 IS62WV12816ALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 45,55,70 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod
  128Kx16 IS62WV12816EALL/EBLL 1.65-3.6V 45,55 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod
  256Kx8 IS62WV2568ALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 45,55,70 sTSOP1(32),TSOP1(32),BGA(36) Prod
  256Kx8 IS62WV2568EALL/EBLL 1.65-3.6V 45,55 sTSOP1(32),TSOP1(32),BGA(36) Prod
4M 256Kx16 IS62WV25616ALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 55,70 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod
  256Kx16 IS62WV25616EALL/EBLL/ECLL 1.65-3.6V 35,45,55 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod  
  512Kx8 IS62WV5128ALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 55,70 sTSOP1(32),TSOP12(32),BGA(36),SOP(32) Prod
  512Kx8 IS62WV5128EALL/EBLL/ECLL 1.65-3.6V 35,45,55 sTSOP1(32),TSOP12(32),BGA(36),SOP(32) Prod  
8M 512Kx16 IS62/65WV51216EALL/EBLL 1.65-3.6V 45,55 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod
  512Kx16 IS62/65WV51216EFALL/EFBLL 1.65-3.6V 45,55 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) S=NOW
  512Kx16 IS62/65WV51216GALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 45,55 TSOP1(48) S=NOW
  1Mx8 IS62/65WV10248EALL/EBLL 1.65-3.6V 45,55 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod
  1Mx8 IS62/65WV10248EFALL/EFBLL 1.65-3.6V 45,55 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) S=NOW
16M 1Mx16 IS62WV102416EALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 45,55 BGA(48) Prod Icc = 12mA (Max), Isb1 = 30uA (Typ)
  1Mx16 IS62/65WV102416FALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 45,55 BGA(48) S=NOW Icc = 36mA (Max), Isb1 = 5.8uA (Typ)
  2Mx8 IS62WV20488EALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 45,55 BGA(48) Prod Icc = 12mA (Max), Isb1 = 30uA (Typ)
  2Mx8 IS62/65WV20488FALL/FBLL 1.65-3.6V 45,55 BGA(48) S=NOW Icc = 36mA (Max), Isb1 = 5.8uA (Typ)
  1Mx16/2Mx8 IS62WV102416DALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 45,55 TSOP1(48) Prod Icc = 12mA (Max), Isb1 = 30uA (Typ). x8/x16 configurable
  1Mx16/2Mx8 IS62WV102416GALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 45,55 TSOP1(48) S=NOW Icc = 36mA (Max), Isb1 = 5.8uA (Typ)

Automotive Asynchronous SRAM

Den Org Part Number Vcc Speed(ns) Pkg(Pins) Status Models Comment/ Previous rev.
256K 32Kx8 IS65C256AL 5V 25,45 SOP(28),TSOP1(28) Prod  
  32Kx8 IS65LV256AL 3.3V 15 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod  
1M 64Kx16 IS64WV6416EEBLL 2.4-3.6V 8,10 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod  
  64Kx16 IS64C6416AL 4.5-5.5V 15 SOJ(44),TSOP2(44) Prod  
  64Kx16 IS64WV6416BLL 2.5-3.6V 15 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod  
  128Kx8 IS64C1024AL 5V 15 SOJ(32.4),TSOP1(32) Prod  
  128Kx8 IS65C1024AL 5V 45 SOP(32),TSOP1(32) Prod  
  128Kx8 IS65WV1288BLL 2.5-3.6V 55 TSOP1(32),sTSOP1(32) Prod  
2M 256Kx8 IS64WV2568EDBLL 2.4-3.6V 10 SOJ(36),TSOP2(44),BGA(36) Prod ECC Based SRAM
  128Kx16 IS64WV12816EDBLL 2.4-3.6V 10 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod ECC Based SRAM
  128Kx16 IS65WV12816ALL/BLL 1.65-3.6V 55,70 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod  
  128Kx16 IS65WV12816EBLL 2.2-3.6V 55 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod  
4M 512Kx8 IS64WV5128EDBLL 2.4-3.6V 10 TSOP2(44),BGA(36) Prod ECC Based SRAM
  512Kx8 IS65WV5128EBLL/ECLL 2.2-3.6V 45,55 sTSOP1(32),TSOP12(32),BGA(36),SOP(32) Prod  
  256Kx16 IS64WV25616BLL/BLS 2.4-3.6V 10 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod
  256Kx16 IS64WV25616EDBLL 2.4-3.6V 10 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod ECC Based SRAM
  256Kx16 IS65WV25616ALL/BLL 1.65-3.3V 55,70 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod  
  256Kx16 IS65WV25616EBLL/ECLL 2.2-3.6V 45,55 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod  
8M 512Kx16 IS64WV51216EDBLL 2.4-3.6V 10 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod
16M 1Mx16 IS64WV102416BLL 2.4-3.6V 10 TSOP1(48),BGA(48) Prod  
  1Mx16 IS64WV102416DBLL 2.4~3.6 12 TSOP1(48),BGA(48) Prod
  2Mx8 IS64WV20488BLL 2.4-3.6V 10 TSOP2(44),BGA(48) Prod
32M 2Mx16 IS64WV204816BLL 2.4~3.6 12 TSOP1(48),BGA(48) Prod    


  • Simulation Models not listed above may be available upon request
  • S = Sample, Prod = Production
  • NR = Not Recommended for new designs
  • EOL = End of Life
  • Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. does not recommend the use of any of its products in life support applications where the failure or malfunction of the product can reasonably be expected to cause failure of the life support system or to significantly affect its safety or effectiveness. Products are not authorized for use in such applications unless Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. receives written assurance to its satisfaction, that:
  • a. the risk of injury or damage has been minimized;
  • b. the user assume all such risks; and
  • c. potential liability of Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc is adequately protected under the circumstances