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Automotive Market



ISSI has been supporting the Automotive Market since 1999. In 2001, ISSI began to broaden its support of the market by introducing the Automotive Business Unit. The purpose of this business unit is to provide cross-functional unit support within ISSI to continually enhance the Automotive Infrastructure from the product-planning phase through the production phase of new products. We do this with our SRAM, DRAM, and Flash product families.

Product Support

One of the primary problems automotive customers face is the commitment from a manufacturer for long-term product support. This is not an issue with ISSI. Our business model is built around the ability to work with our customers to deliver products that meet their needs for long periods of time.

Design cycles in the Automotive Market can be 3-4 years from inception to production. Then production will run another 5-6 years. The need for post-production support exists for several more years.. ISSI is committed to provide our customers with long-term support necessary for the automotive production-planning phase.

ISSI works with customers to support three different grades of Automotive Products. These are -40C to +85C, -40C to +105C, and -40C to +125C. ISSI designs products to work at these temperatures and fully tests them as well. We do not subscribe to the 'product performance guaranteed by design' approach.

Quality Management System

We fully understand that when an end-customer spends a lot of money on their product, they don't want to see an inexpensive part cause their main means of transportation to be inoperable. ISSI is IS09001:2000 certified. At present, all of the subcontractors in our automotive production flow are fully ISO/TS 16949 certified. All new product entries meet or exceed the requirements set forth in the AEC-Q100 qualification standards. We don't just rely on certifications to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards. Instead we have incorporated a quality system that is designed to insure that our products meet the highest standards of all of our customers. All phases of the production process are controlled and fully documented in standard automotive PPAPs.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

ISSI's concept of Long-Term Product Support, combined with the high reliability and strong service that we dedicate to this market, reduces the overall total cost of ownership. Commodity teams and design engineers will not need to re-qualify a new die revision every 6 months in order to keep their production lines operating. The quality and reliability testing that is done to qualify a device for production, as well as the testing that goes into each device before it is shipped into the Automotive application reduces field failures and line failures. We further reduce the total cost of ownership by working with each customer production team to ensure that product is delivered on time and in a manner that can be used by their production lines. We also work with our customers to provide ongoing cost reductions in their applications, thus reducing the total cost of ownership.


The ISSI Automotive Business Unit brings a maturity and commitment to the automotive market that gives customers the satisfaction of knowing that they made the right choice. We are committed to the automotive market and committed to work with our customers to provide them with the most cost-effective and highest quality products possible.