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Communication Market


Trends and Challenges:

The future trend of networking is to unify wireless and wired devices as more users are accessing information and data using mobile devices. New networking technology needs to be implemented to keep users connected at all times. With data sharing across multiple devices and staying always connected on the rise, the need to protect the security of the information and communication becomes an increasingly important element to consider. The networking infrastructure and technology will continue to evolve and connect users to share information between devices and to collaborate using video conferencing, instant messaging and other communication tools.

The world is dealing with an overwhelming amount of data traffic. Social media, mobile device deployment, video content, high-performance applications, big data, cloud computing and virtualization are poised to put a lot of pressure on the data center networking systems in terms of bandwidth and performance to keep up with all the data traffic.

The growth in the number of internet users, mobile users, high speed broadband subscribers, number of devices connected to the network, coupled with the growth in usage driven by video, collaboration, social networking, mobile and advanced 4G/LTE services are driving tremendous bandwidth requirements.

This rapid increase in bandwidth demand is driving the build-out of the networking infrastructure. More and more wireless base stations; core, edge and enterprise routers; data center switches; metro switches; DSLAMs; and PONs OLTs, many of which have planned life-cycles of 10 years or more, have been put in place or planned to support all these additional bandwidth demand.

The ISSI Networking Solution:

High-speed networking applications today require high-bandwidth, high-density and low latency memory solutions to meet the increasing demand for bandwidth. ISSI's complete portfolio of SRAM, Flash, and DRAM product families provide unique solutions to every application requirement.

ISSI offers a broad line of x32-bit I/O configuration DRAM products that allow for the high data rates required to address bandwidth-intensive applications such as IPTV.

Line cards in a typical networking system use memory primarily for packet buffering, packet processing and traffic management functionalities.

ISSI's complete line of DRAMs using leading-edge technology is ideal for packet buffering purposes. In addition, RLDRAM®s can also be used for packet buffering and ISSI carry a complete portfolio of RLDRAM® 2/3 products. For oversubscription buffering, SRAMs or RLDRAM®s are used and ISSI's complete suite of QUAD SRAMs and RLDRAM® 2/3 are ideal to meet the requirements.

For queue management, where low latency pointers are required to build a high speed queuing structure, SRAM is the preferred choice. Once again, ISSI's extensive SRAM product portfolio is the ideal solution to this problem.

For look-up table operations requiring fast random memory read accesses, low latency SRAM is a great fit. In cases where the table has a large number of entries, RLDRAM® is a good candidate because of the low latency and high density. ISSI's high speed SRAMs (up to 72Mb), 288Mb/576Mb RLDRAM®2 and 576Mb RLDRAM®3 are the perfect solution for look-up table needs.

For traffic management functions like queuing, scheduling, shaping, metering, policing and billing, high-performance, low latency SRAM is required to keep real-time counters and statistics on high speed packets. ISSI's leading edge Synchronous SRAM products such as our 72 Mb QUAD Synchronous SRAM are ideal for implementing these counters and statistics.

Another networking application use is state memory. State memory requires low latency random memory access for read-modify-write operations. ISSI's QUAD SRAM solution is ideal for state memory applications.

ISSI has a wide range of memory portfolio to meet the demand and requirements of different communication applications. ISSI is a reputable long-term memory supplier and is committed to provide long-term support on our complete line of DRAM, Flash, SRAM and RLDRAM®.