Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. SRAM, DRAM, FLASH, ANALOG, KGD, WAFER

Quality and Reliability

At ISSI Quality and Reliability are key to our success, and of the highest priority.

ISSI Quality Systems have evolved over the years to support the company business strategy of long term support.

The ISSI Quality and Reliability Organization has team members positioned around the world to better support our customers.

ISSI Quality and Environmental Management Systems are ISO certified. While ISSI does not directly manufacture products, and therefore not eligible for automotive standard certification, the subcontractors who build products for ISSI are automotive standard certified.

ISSI's Quality Assurance Processes apply to all stages of activity. This means that Project Approval, Design and Development, Production, and Testing through Shipping are carried out in compliance to high quality standards.

Additionally, ISSI employs Quality Tools and implements the 8D process of Problem Solving for Customer Complaints in order to continually improve customer satisfaction. For product and process changes, notifications are sent out to customer via our PCN process.

Outsourcing to our manufacturing partners is essential to our success. Consequently, the subcontractors are regarded as extensions of ISSI’s production process, particularly due to the fact that ISSI is a fabless company. ISSI's Supplier Management contributes to our strategic objectives.

ISSI Failure Analysis function is divided into two major categories. One is "Lab Service" and the other is "Internal Engineering Application". Customer Complaints utilize the Lab service and follow the prescribed FA flow and cycle time is measured. ISSI has continually improved the capability of the Failure Analysis Lab to meet the increasing demands of the industry.  

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Reliability Assurance

ISSI is committed to ship highly reliable products with reliability results well within specified and strict levels.

Environmental Management

As a technology leader, ISSI designs, develops and markets high performance semiconductors throughout the world. ISSI acknowledges our responsibility to manage these functions in a responsible manner, endeavoring to preserve, protect, and whenever possible to enhance the environment. To achieve these goals, we consider and control all key factors which impact the environment including the sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing processes and disposal and recycling of materials. With the continuous effort in pursuing an environmentally friendly product strategy, ISSI became the first design house in Taiwan that achieved the ISO 14001:1996 standard in January 2004 and maintains its ISO14001 certification.

Functional Safety

Business Continuity

ISSI has procedures for planning and implementing controls and measures to manage disruptive incidents and to monitor the effectiveness of these measures.