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Chart: Over 4 Billion Units Shipped

ISSI's two transistors PMOS technology eliminates disturbances during program and read operations. Our patented band-to-band-tunnel (BTBT) programming ensures fast programming, low power, and the best endurance in the industry (up to 20years/200k cycles). ISSI's embedded flash far exceeds the competition's n-type or EEPROM type embedded solutions.

  Leading competitor's nFlash ISSI's embedded Flash 2T EEPROM
Erase Fowler-Nordheim Tunneling
Through Thick Oxide
Tunneling Oxide
Tunneling Oxide
Program Source -Side CHE Injection Patented band-to-band Tunneling Fowler-Nordheim Tunneling
Program speed < 20 uS < 20 uS > 1 mS
Program Current 5uA 50nA 10pA
Failure Mechanism      
Program Disturb High None High
Over erase None None None
Oxide trapping High Low Low
Retention Fair Excellent Excellent



Low power: < 0.05uA per cell programming current
Fast Program/Erase Speeds: < 20us per word program, 2 ms erase
High endurance: 20 yr retention after 200k read/erase cycles

2T far exceeds in performance when compared to the competition. Extra circuitry is needed in competitive solutions not utilizing 2T technology. The extra peripheral circuitry needed ensures blocks/sectors are fully erased before write or read commands are executed. The increased silicon size and design time is highly undesirable. With 2T, ISSI has built in the protection you need to ensure quick time to market resulting in seamless integration and decreased burden on your system designers.

Unlike other embedded flash solutions that require special process equipments or extensive process module development for complex cell structures, ISSI provides easy to manufacture and scalable designs utilizing classic ETOX floating gate processes. ISSI's unified platform process contains superior technology with macro sizes more than 40% smaller than macros of equivalent densities (when compared to leading competitors). Every macro has a build-in test interface to minimize test and design time. By using our patented BTBT process technology coupled with 2T designs, high endurance and reliability are readily achieved. With shipments of over 4 billion flash units, and DPPM levels approaching zero in 2012, ISSI is your crucial partner in embedded flash designs.

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