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   Chipset Manufacturers > Marvell

Chipset Manufacturer Product Family Part Number SRAM DRAM Flash
Marvell88DE2710 Digital Video Format Converter    
 88DE275x Digital Video Format Converter    
 88LX3142 Digital Baseband Processor    
 88MC200 Smart Energy Microprocessor    
 88SE92xx PCIe to SATA 6Gb/s Controllers    
 88SM97XX 6Gb/s SATA Port Multipliers    
 ARMADA 100 Series Application Processor    
 ARMADA 1500 Media Processor    
 ARMADA 300 Series ARM Processors    
 ARMADA 500 Series Application Processor    
 ARMADA 600 Series Application Processor    
 ARMADA PXA 1088 Communication Processor    
 ARMADA PXA 2128 Application Processor    
 ARMADA PXA 27x Series Application Processor    
 ARMADA PXA 300 Series Application Processor    
 ARMADA XP Quad-Core ARM Processors    
 Avanta 88F65xx Series Broadband Processor     
 Avastar Wireless Connectivity Controllers    
 Discovery III System Controllers    
 Discovery LT System Controllers    
 Discovery V System Controllers    
 Discovery VI System Controllers    
 Enterprise SAS Controller    
 PA800 Consumable Security    
 Prestera CX Packet Procesor    
 Prestera DX Packet Procesor    
 Prestera DX21xx Multilayer Ethernet Switches    
 Prestera EX Hi Cap Packet Processor    
 PXA 1202 Downlink Dual Carrier Processor    
 PXA 1801 LTE World Modem    
 PXA 1802 LTE World Modem    
 PXA 910 Mass Market Smartphone Processor    
 PXA 918 Mass Market Smartphone Processor    
 PXA 920H Mass Market Smartphone Processor    
 PXA 968 Communications Processor    
 PXA 968 Mass Market Smartphone Processor    
 PXA 986 Communications Processor    
 PXA 988 Communications Processor    
 Xelerated AX Programmable Ethernet Switches    
 Xelerated HX 300 Network Processors    
 Xelerated X11 Network Processors    
 Yukon PC Connectivity Controllers    
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