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HBLED Driver

  • DC/DC and AC/DC driver ICs
  • For general lighting applications such as MR16 Accent lighting
  • Integrated and external MOSFET based solutions
  • Robust built in protections for extended life operation
  • Non-Dimmable and Dimmable (Analog, PWM and Switch)
  • Extended operating temperature range

HBLED Driver

Part Number Driver Type Vdd(V) IOUT Efficiency(%) Power Transistor Pkg-Pin Document Status
IS31LT3117 Constant Current 5.5-60V 350mA - Built-in eTSSOP-16 Prod
IS31LT3170 Constant Current 5.0-42V 150mA Non-PWM None SOT23-6 Prod
IS31LT3171 Constant Current 2.5-42V 150mA PWM None SOT23-6 Prod
IS31LT3172 Constant Current 5.0-42V 10-200mA Power Supply PWM None eSOP-8 Prod
IS31LT3173 Constant Current 2.5-42V 10-200mA Digital Supply PWM None eSOP-8 Prod
IS31LT3135 Constant Current 2.7-5.5 500mA±5% 90 built-in SOP-8 Prod
IS31LT3350 DC/DC,Step-down 6-40 750mA±5% 95 built-in SOT89-5,SOT23-5 Prod
IS31LT3352 DC/DC,Step-down 6-40 750mA±5% 95 built-in SOP-8 Prod
IS31LT3353 DC/DC,Step-down 6-40 1A±3% 97 built-in SOT23-5 Auto./ Ext. Temp Range Prod
IS31LT3354 DC/DC,Step-down 6-40 ±3% 98 External SOT23-5 Prod
IS31LT3360 DC/DC,Step-down 6-40 1.2A±3% 98 built-in SOP89-5 Prod
IS31LT3380 DC/DC,Step-down 8.5-40 1.2A±5% 98 built-in SOP-8 Prod
IS31LT3505 Boost Step-up 6-30 24W±5% 90 built-in MSOP-10 Prod
IS31LT3515 Buck,Boost or Buck-Boost 6-40 ±3% 90 External QFN-16 S=Q3/16
IS31LT3552 2CH Boost/Current Sink 4.5-33 40~360mA/CH 90 External eTSSOP-16 Prod
IS31LT3554 4CH Boost/Current Sink 4.5-33 20~180mA/CH 90 External eTSSOP-16 Prod
IS31LT3910 AC/DC,Step-down 8-450DC,100-200AC 500mA±3% 90 External SOP-8 Prod
IS31LT3918 DC/DC,AC/DC 6-450DC,85-265AC ±3% 95 External SOP-8 Prod
IS31LT3938 DC/DC,AC/DC 10-450DC,85-265AC ±3% 95 External SOP-8 Prod
IS31LT3948 Boost Step-up 5-100 ±5% 90 External SOP-8 Prod

Automotive (Industrial) HBLED Driver

Part Number Channels Vdd(V) IOUT(mA) IOUT Acuracy(%) Sink/ Source Dimming Pkg-Pin(mm) Document Status
IS32LT3120 2 6~45 20~200 6 Source Fade ON/OFF eSOP-8 Prod
IS32LT3170 1 5~42 10~150 1 Sink Power Supply PWM SOT23-6 (3x1.5) S=NOW
IS32LT3171 1 2.8~42 10~150 1 Sink Digital PWM SOT23-6 (3x1.5) S=NOW
IS32LT3172 1 5~42 10~200 1 Sink Power Supply PWM eSOP-8 S=NOW
IS32LT3173 1 2.5~42 10~200 1 Sink Digital PWM eSOP-8 S=NOW
IS32LT3174 1 6~45 20~200 6 Source Fade ON/OFF eSOP-8 Sample
IS32LT3175P 1 5~42 20~150 6 Source +PWM/Fade ON/OFF eSOP-8 Sample
IS32LT3175N 1 5~42 20~150 6 Source -PWM/Fade ON/OFF eSOP-8 Sample
IS32LT3180 8 6~45 75/CH 8 Sink PWM eTSSOP-16 Prod
IS32LT3181 6 6~45 75/CH 8 Sink PWM eTSSOP-16 S=NOW
IS32LT3952 1 5~40 1.5A ~ Source PWM eSOP-8 S=Q1/17
IS32LT3953 1 5~42 3A ~ Source PWM eSOP-8 S=Q1/17


  • Simulation Models not listed above may be available upon request
  • S = Sample, Prod = Production
  • NR = Not Recommended for new designs
  • EOL = End of Life
  • Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. does not recommend the use of any of its products in life support applications where the failure or malfunction of the product can reasonably be expected to cause failure of the life support system or to significantly affect its safety or effectiveness. Products are not authorized for use in such applications unless Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. receives written assurance to its satisfaction, that:
  • a. the risk of injury or damage has been minimized;
  • b. the user assume all such risks; and
  • c. potential liability of Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc is adequately protected under the circumstances